I’m a Creative Director and Web Developer living in sunny South Florida and currently working with awesome people at Kare Pharmacy. I don’t care much what the medium is as long as the goal is to create something complete, well-thought out, and really, really good looking. When you work with me you get professional design and web development.

Websites that are well designed have been shown to generate more business than ones lacking information, professionalism, and quality content.

As people everywhere become more tech-savvy and interested in the latest technology trends, businesses must adapt to remain competitive, interesting, and relevant. Building an online presence is crucial to have the greatest chance at attracting and maintaining customers and providing them with helpful information at the click of a button. Here at Olga Designs I have undertaken the task of helping companies convey their strengths, competencies, and reputation through a mobile-friendly website design.

Mobile Web Design

Responsive or mobile-friendly web design is a fast evolving trend which aims to develop websites optimized for different devices like iphone, ipad etc. Businesses with sites optimized for mobile are likely to be attracting more customers. Learn More

Wordpress Development

Ever since it was first released, WordPress has been a popular choice for bloggers as well as businesses seeking a content management system. Having a reliable, experienced developer to assist you can make a tremendous difference. Learn More

Website Maintenance

Olga Designs offers website management for websites of all sizes, content management systems and industries, whether you operate an online store with thousands of products, a small business offering a few handmade items. Learn More


Your corporate identity is the public face of your business. It is the perception that potential and current customers have when they see your logo or hear your company name. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are conveying the right message. Learn More

I have worked on a number of projects with Olga over the past few years. She is wonderful to work with and has produced many quality designs for various marketing campaigns, print work, and other web related projects. One of things that I like most about Olga is that she has a great ability to design what YOU want while still adding her own ideas. I would recommend Olga to anyone that needs a designer who is easy to work with, dependable, and produces great designs.

Jeff PapstCEO @ Odinity.com

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